OIL – fuel for your consent management.

OIL is a holistic consent management platform that enables your compliance with GDPR and ePrivacy. The platform allows the user to manage their consent for data processing transparently and subsequently signals this information across the advertising supply chain as well as any other with OIL integrated vendor.

It is open-source, based on the IAB TCF Standard and is currently being developed by a collaboration of international publishers.

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What is OIL?

OIL (Opt-in and Transparency Layer) is an open source consent management platform that enables your compliance with GDPR and ePrivacy. The platform allows the user to manage their consent for data processing transparently and subsequently signals this information across the advertising supply chain as well as any other custom vendor list.

Technically, it supports the technical standard of the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework (“TCF”) as well as provides its own Events or JavaScript API for any vendor not covered by the TCF.

The highly customizable OIL solution is adaptable to any regulatory changes. Once implemented it can be easily switched from opt-out to opt-in scenario.

Why Open Source?

Instead of leveraging OIL commercially, we decided to make it available open source. These are our main reasons:


Collaboration drives technical excellence – Let’s pool our technical skills and develop a solution of the highest quality through feedback and knowledge exchange.


Best practice UI/UX – Collaboration between legal teams and product experts sets an industry standard for a compliant yet user-friendly interface.


United voices are louder – Join the discussions about the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework from a publisher’s perspective and help forming the ground rules for online advertising post-GDPR.

Examples include:

  • Opt-out tool: Natively integrated into the privacy policy, with / without cookie banner, opt-in as default
  • Information banner: Only display cookie banner, link to privacy policy
  • Opt-in tool: Natively integrated into the privacy policy, with cookie banner, opt- out as default

Why OIL?

There are many reasons why we believe it is best for you to implement OIL and become an active collaborator. Here are just a few:

Protect your core business - Your core business is directly affected. Take control and decide on features, timeline, product design and many more yourself.

Apply your interpretation of the law – Under GDPR many national laws are still in effect. Configure OIL to reflect your legal basis and preserve your independence.

Actively shape the new standard in online advertising - OIL provides your technical team with the opportunity to build the expertise necessary to follow and feedback on the development of IAB’s Transparency & Consent Framework. Take action now. Once the standard has formed it will be too late.


OIL Features

High performance / Low latency

Optimized to ensure maximum performance. Every millisecond counts.

Fully customizable

Customize from your banner text, design, location to CPC design according to your needs.

Easy to implement

Simply insert a javascript file in your website. Find out more in our documentation.

High transparency for users

Simple and customizable user interface informs your user and allows cookie management on a granular level.

Adjustable to regulatory situation

OIL gives you the flexibility to react to regulatory changes in the short term. Use OIL as an Opt-out tool either natively integrated into the privacy policy or displayed on a banner.

A/B testing capability

Improve your consent conversion by testing it.



Setting up OIL on your page is easy and takes only three steps:

  • Upload the OIL files to your site.
  • Add the oil.js javascript snippet to your page.
  • Add a configuration block to your page's DOM.

If you want a more customized appearance of the layer, you can additionally

  • Style your layer according to your style guide.
  • Create your own language pack.

For details on how to do this please consult our Opt-in Layer Quickstart Guide
and you can find the latest documentation online.




See an interactive demonstration of the main features the Opt-in Layer provides.


Find the Opt-in Layer sources on GitHub. Download it and study the code. It's open source under GPL 2.0.

Released Versions

Find current and past releases of the Opt-in Layer, ready for download and integration.


Read our documentation to go deeper into the Opt-in Layer, its integration, configuration and customization.


See different example pages demonstrating several aspects of Opt-in Layer integration.


Let's Talk Tech

  • JavaScript. Super optimized. Non-blocking.
  • Written in ECMA Script 2015 and transpiled to ES5.
  • Comes with a super slim pre-loader to minimize traffic.
  • Built with WebPack2 and lots of optimizations.
  • Jasmine & Mocha unit tests which cover everything.
  • Nightwatch Selenium Tests to test all features.
  • Automated Browserstack Testfarm (Multibrowser, Desktop, Android, iOS).
  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins.
  • Load tested with 2.000 requests per second.

Browser Support

We support 99.99% of all Browsers!

  • Android 4+
  • Iphone 4S+
  • IE9+
  • Chrome 14+
  • Firefox 9+
  • Safari 6+


Engage and empower yourself or your development team by becoming a technical expert for consent management. Test-it, Feedback -it, Fork-it. Let’s fuel OIL together.

Collaborate with us

Transparency & Consent Framework

New ground rules for online advertising are currently developing. Want a say in shaping the future of online advertising or simply stay up-to-date? Sign up to our OIL working group!

Collaborate with us

Contact & Additional Information

Want to know more about OIL?
Drop a message: oil-support@asideas.de


Frequently Asked Questions

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Does OIL provide a managed service?
Is a registration required?
Is Opt-in Layer already used for Axel Springer websites?
Can I change the code of the Opt-in Layer?
If you still have question, don’t hesitate and contact us.

About us

When we set out to look for compliance solutions for cookies and other technologies, we realized there was no mature solution available, so we built our own: the Opt-in and Transparency Layer (OIL). Cookie usage directly affects our core business and we therefore believe it makes sense for publishers to keep compliance solutions in their own hands. Additionally, we are collaborating with other publishers from across Europe to improve OIL even further.

“We welcome the initiative of Axel Springer and support the project. We will implement the 'Opt-in and Transparency Layer' in the brands of BurdaForward, setting another milestone in our Goodvertising strategy.”

- Martin Lütgenau, Managing Director BurdaForward Advertising

“Instead of leaving the field to the dominant US platforms, we want to work with the European publishing and advertising industry to develop coherent standards that benefit the entire ecosystem. That’s why we offer our software under a free open source license – the more companies participate in this project, the better.”

- Moritz Holzgraefe, Chief Operating Officer Corporate Digital Platforms at Axel Springer